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- Shinigami is awoken to mend the cycle of reincarnation in this top down action/horror game -

1999 - Humanity is ruled by a ruthless technocrat.

Cyber-augmentation and mechanical body modifications quickly became the fashion for the citzens of the walled cities.

As technological advancements make the population immortal, the reincarnation cycle is compromised.

Shinigami is awoken by higher powers to mend the cycle and save existence. 

[ Made for IGMC gamejam 2022 by AllD with 6Iggy6. Music by Z3r0 ]

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsCyberpunk, Dystopian, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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Shinigami Tensei.rar 57 MB


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I played your game last night on stream. Unfortunately I felt pretty frustrated with it. The hitboxes always seemed to be unfair, the scythe swing often seemed delayed and unresponsive, it also felt awkward since you could only swing the scythe up or down but not left or right.
Overall, I really like the art, it's really quite good but I feel like this could have been better with a little bit more time in the oven (which I also understand that's a tough ask since it was made for a game jam)

Anyways, you can watch my stream in the video below. You can use the time stamps to skip to when I play your game.

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thanks for playing and for the honest review!

Excellent pixel game! The core of the game looks wonderful the art too! Its nostalgic to play Shinigami Tensei. The story seems good too and remember me of Deadbolt. I'm looking forward love to see more levels!

Nice game!!!!


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Nice! After collecting 100 souls you can return to the grave at the beginning to get a key. You can open the gate and challenge the boss when you have it.